I grew up in Colorado and learned to ski around the time I could walk. After a brief college lacrosse career at Chapman University in Orange, CA, I headed to the University of Colorado for some journalism schooling, then to Miami ad school to build a portfolio and discover the impact of Cuban coffee on one's heart.   

I'm married to an awesome mid-westerner and father to two crazy kids, Tillie Louise Mendelson and Knox Mendelson.

My spare time is spent skiing, surfing, diddling a lacrosse stick and waking up at an ungodly hour to hit the gym. I love Judd Apatow movies, am oddly afraid of Julia Roberts's toothy grin and have way too many plaid shirts. I also have a weird infatuation with Gary Indiana and can make a trumpet sounds with my mouth. 

Check me out, stalk me, thumb through some photos or send me an email...Links below. 

Email: bowenmendelson@gmail.com  Phone: 310-621-1754